World AIDS Day

This year, on World AIDS Day, the United Nations wants to focus on urgently eradicating inequalities. The goal of ending AIDS by 2030 cannot be achieved, according to UNAIDS (United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS), without tackling the underlying economic, social, cultural, and legal inequalities around the world. Disadvantaged people are always the first victims of the virus. Indeed, structural inequalities hamper effective solutions for the prevention and treatment of HIV. Therefore, it is essential to adopt a comprehensive strategy to eradicate inequalities that must be implemented within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework that all UN member states are committed to achieving by 2030. Among these SDGs, reducing inequalities is ranked as objective number 10 and comes with a series of targets to be implemented around housing, transport systems, violence, and the environment.

Fighting AIDS is also fighting for a fairer world. This integrative perspective is essential to eradicate this virus but also to put an end to all pandemics.