Prodie Vip

Flying Visiting Doctors provide the most advanced medical care and are renowned as a therapeutic network of excellence. They are the best doctors and surgeons in the world.

Why choose Prodie Santé’s Flying Visiting Doctors?

⁕ Rapid connection to highly qualified experts

⁕ Learning and developing opportunities for medical teams

⁕ Trust and recognition by patients

⁕ Optimized consultation and surgery schedules to reduce cost per patient

⁕ Promotion of a healthcare facility in an innovative way

⁕ Launch of a new medical specialty

Prodie Santé’s Flying Visiting Doctors are fluent in:

▪ French

▪ English

▪ Spanish

▪ Swedish

▪ Italian

▪ Arabic

▪ Chinese

▪ German

▪ Japanese

Main specialties represented:

▪ Cardiology

▪ Cardiac Surgery

▪ General Medicine

▪ SurgerHepatobiliary and Pancreas Surgery

▪ Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

▪ Dermatology – Cosmetology

▪ Obstetrics and Gynecology

▪ Internal Medicine

▪ Oncology

▪ Gastroenterology

▪ Urology

Overview of Prodie Santé’s Flying Visiting Doctors

Based in Europe

Obstetrician gynecologist famous for his live surgeries, workshops and conferences around the globe. Awarded for his training videos. Frequent speaker at public events.

Plastic surgeon awarded for performing the world’s first whole face transplant. His publications and surgical techniques developed in breast reconstruction have earned him several mentions in the media.

Renowned oncologist in molecular biology, molecular markers and GIST. Directs research laboratories that have become a reference for advanced sarcoma therapies.

Based in Asia

Gastrointestinal surgeon specialized in the treatment of colorectal cancer, having performed over 20,000 colonoscopies worldwide.

The first surgeon to perform heart surgery with the Da Vinci medical robot.

Obstetrician gynecologist of royal families.

Oncologist who has treated prostate cancer for heads of state.

Based in North America

Aesthetic surgeon specialized in breast reconstruction. Named Best Doctor by the Los Angeles Business Journal, Los Angeles Magazine and the Hollywood Reporter.

Internist who frequently appears on television to share her expertise. She successfully organized the Covid 19 vaccination campaign in New York State when the first wave of the pandemic hit the U.S.