International Migrants Day,December 18

The current changes in migration are stimulated by the increasing complexity of geopolitical, geoenvironmental, geocultural and geoeconomic issues on an international scale and result in the creation of new migration patterns and practices. New challenges emerge in managing these flows and call for new interpretations and institutional and scientific responses. The private sector also has a role to play and can offer solutions to overcome new mobility challenges. However, the issue of migration and population displacement remains a divisive contemporary subject that causes the growing stigmatization of migrants. Too often, we forget that this workforce can be a tremendous opportunity.

Through its commitment to the United Nations Global Compact and its mobilization in favour of the defence of its principles, Prodie Santé protects human rights by eliminating all forms of forced or compulsory labour and employment discrimination. The creation of the Doctor’s Reserve Association is in line with the defence of migrant’s rights and offer innovative solutions. Too often, healthcare professionals who flee their home countries find themselves unemployed and are not allowed to practice medicine in the host country for bureaucratic reasons. However, the current global health context shows the shortage of doctors is a global reality. In this context not counting on this workforce is a colossal loss on a human scale. At Prodie Santé we do everything we can and mobilize our legal, commercial, and creative resources so that these professionals can continue practising medicine. As representatives of the professional interests of practitioners in exile worldwide, we support this cause before international institutions such as the WHO, the United Nations and the European Parliament.

Despite the multiplication of factors leading to human displacement, the selective criteria of new migration policies confirm a gap between the way institutions categorize migrants (political exile, economic and climatic migrants) and the situations experienced by them daily. Everything suggests that there are barriers to the accessibility of stories about the challenges and uncertainties that migrants face when they arrive in a new country. Aware of the importance of communicating about these journeys, we are currently developing life stories of exiled doctors that we will publish soon on our website and promote on social media.

We can rethink and redefine ourselves thanks to direct or indirect contact with others. Otherness makes us better human beings. At Prodie Santé we remain convinced that dynamic and effective medicine does not fear diversity and that companies like ours can play a role in building a better and inclusive world. A world for everyone.