International Day of Epidemic Preparedness

Secretary-General António Guterres shared a message for the International Day of Epidemic Preparedness, explaining that while we face this health crisis, we must also prepare for the next one. How? Through early detection of epidemics, jointly developing rapid response plans, strengthening our health systems and providing fair and equitable access to treatments and vaccines. Without a collective and coherent coordination plan, the risks are multiple. We know them well by know: overstretched health systems, disrupted global supply chains, threaten economies of the poorest and most vulnerable countries, and consequently a direct threat to the lives of their citizens.

The international community has a vital role in fighting future epidemics that could surpass previous outbreaks. Therefore, Prodie Santé has set up an international aid program during the COVID 19 pandemic. This program has resulted in the establishment of continuous and free of charge support to countries worldwide, thanks to its medical community of more than 260,000 doctors and nurses. The initiative aims to regulate the hospital staff through effective primary care management. This is how Prodie Santé can mobilize and support national health systems that could be in great difficulty.

It is crucial to apply lessons learned, especially concerning epidemic management. We now know that we must act and follow the “one world, one health” method, which establishes a more interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach to preventing epidemics and improving results in public health.