Human Rights Day December 10

 “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”

 This year’s theme for Human Rights Day is equality, one of the United Nations main Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This transversal issue found in each of the 17 SDGs is one of the fundamental principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Equal opportunities mean that everyone can benefit individually from the same opportunities. This ideal scenario implies the resolution of a series of inequalities and a constant fight against structural discrimination: Breaking the cycle of poverty, ensuring access to universal education, a clean and healthy environment, decent jobs, and adequate education, social protection and the promotion of fair and accessible healthcare for all.

Copyright Anaïs Ortega   Camp de réfugiés, Plaine de la Bekaa, Liban

This last point is Prodie Santé’s primary focus. We are committed on an ethical and moral level, but our efforts are very concrete and our actions reflect our values. Our pro-bono partners like our NGO and associations counterparts, know it : As soon as they give us a mission, we fully fulfil our mandate, and constantly follow up with our doctors’.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we proposed a support plan: introduce to governments worldwide our international medical community, free of charge, to avoid the saturation of health care facilities. Relieving the pressure on staff is critical to allow effective primary care management.

We have also launched a pilot program to help developing countries with a shortage of physicians (A doctor at your door program) and an association for the defence of exiled doctors (Doctor’s Reserve Association).

As for our international projects in the short and medium-term, the aim is to keep on fighting inequalities and any form of discrimination that affects the most vulnerable populations. We work to integrate the principles of equality into all our human relationships. However, we are also convinced that in the 21st century, a business model cannot claim to be viable and efficient without integrating into its program the objective of building a more sustainable and inclusive world.