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They are internationally renowned practitioners and/or with particular expertise in their field and willing to share their know-how with patients abroad.

As Physician’s Agent, Prodie Santé represents the interests of these professionals by allowing them to have access to missions in alignment with their expectations in many countries in the world.

They are practitioners qualified to perform telemedicine acts (consultations, interpretations, diagnoses, on-call duty, etc.) or to act as a second expert opinion to confirm, invalidate or complete a first medical opinion. These doctors make it possible to cover the medical needs of remote areas or areas with a low density of health professionals. They ensure the continuity of care at a distance.

As Physician’s Agent, Prodie Santé represents the interests of these professionals by allowing them to have access to missions in accordance with their expectations in many fields of telemedicine such as radiology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, general medicine, etc…

In a 90-second video, the internationally successful actor (Leon, The Big Blue, Ronin, Godzilla, Mission Impossible, Les Visiteurs, Les Rivières Pourpres…) has agreed to elucidate Prodie Santé’s humanitarian message.

This message, as well as the details of the universal humanitarian program developed by Prodie Santé, are available by clicking on the following link:

In 2020, we joined the United Nations Global Compact to strengthen our work on human rights, access to healthcare, social justice, and reducing inequality.

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Prodie Santé is indeed at the origin of the non-application of article 33 of the Rist law in France.

In September 2021, we alerted the French public authorities and the hospital medical community to the seriousness of the implementation of such a measure which would have certainly collapsed the public health system and generated a massive departure of thousands of replacement doctors to the private sector and foreign countries. Such a situation would have catastrophic consequences for public health. It seemed essential for us to protect the professional interests of replacement doctors, who represent 40% of the French public hospital sector.

Subsequently, in line with the French government’s desire to limit hospital deficits, we sent a file to the public authorities to demonstrate the potential sources of savings that could be made on the hospital budget by limiting the use of temporary employment agencies. We demonstrated that it was possible to recover more than 1 billion euros of budget per year for the State by promoting the use of staffing agencies, which are 5 to 10 times less expensive than employment agencies. In employment agencies, the candidate placed with a client (in this case, a hospital) is an employee of the employment agency. With staffing agencies, the candidate is an employee of the end client for the duration of the assignment. It is high time to stop denigrating replacement doctors by making them responsible for mismanagement which, in reality, is most probably due to possible collusion between the State and some employment agencies.

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